8/10/15 The last of the basic jewelry is ready to go. So, bridge, septum, industrial, tongue, nipple, frenum/ladder, and VCH piercings are on the menu at last! The Reverend Jonny No Sleeves will be available to do these from noon to 9 Wednesday through Friday, and from 2 to 10 Saturday. Come on in and get stabbed!

7/27/15 We at Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo are extremely excited to announce that we will once again be offering piercing at the studio. After being highly selective for a year and a half, we are pleased to introduce our new piercer, local favorite Jonny No Sleeves. He has over 6 years professional experience and has worked with some of the best of Omaha's piercers, we know he will be able to serve all your piercing needs. Stop in, meet him and have him shove a needle through you with some pretty bits. As always we have only the best quality internally threaded Titanium jewelry for all initial piercings and a wide selection of jewelry for your healed piercings.

9/30/11 We are proud to announce that Jesse is now an instructor for the APTs Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing Seminar and will now be the Nebraska state Rep.

4/15/11 Congratulations to Brenda S. and her artist Jesse Neese for winning both Peoples Choice and Artists Choice in Best Overall Tattooed Female at the National Tattoo Assoc. Convention in Reno.

Jesse will be attending:

Oct 7-9
3rd annual APT (Alliance of Professional Tattooists) Trade Show (Artists ONLY)  Las Vegas, NV http://www.apttattooconvention.com/

Jan 11 -13, 2013 The DC Tattoo Arts Expo Arlington, VA www.dctattooexpo.com

Feb 8-10, 2013 Best in the Midwest Council Bluffs, IA http://shaneoneillproductions.com/