Meet Jonny No Sleeves:

I was a piercer by the time I got my first booster shot. I have never been afraid of needles, only fascinated. It was just a matter of time before I came to love them. At 16 years, I was already piercing ears and noses: Old school, Back alley of the punk show. I know I have got a safety pin somewhere. 20 bucks, or buy me some beer. Thankfully, I got my act together enough to be trained by Lee Meyerpeter, a Legend of Omaha Piercing. It was no simple path, but now I have the opportunity to offer you the cleanest, safest piercing without cutting corners on jewelry quality. I have been licensed since 2008, and I remember what it was like to be a young punk needing to fit in, but still needing to be different. I also love to meet with the modern young, or young at heart, community members of our city and help them add something special to their permanent wardrobe. Let me take care of your right of passage, and your cry for individuality. Let us put our faces together and make them glint in the sun.